We Find You High-Paying Data Freelance Roles - ūüďąNo-Win = No-Fee

Escape the feast and famine cycle of freelancing. We'll help you tap in to our network, get found by recruiters, develop your sales assets and apply for roles on your behalf. Best of all, you pay nothing until you've won the role and been paid.

The eight step role winning process

At every step, you'll receive expert guidance and personalised 1 on 1 support from a Data Freelance Hub expert who's invested in you winning a high paying role.

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This bespoke service offers 1 on 1 collaboration with a Data Freelance Hub specialist to secure high-paying positions. Apply today to start.


On-boarding call and desires alignment

Once your application is successful, we'll have an onboarding call, align terms, expectations and desires and get you setup on the platform.

Develop role winning sales tools

As we begin applying for roles our team will spring into action on your sales assets, we can use to help position your expertise.


Role matching and tap in to exclusive network

Our algorithm finds ideal roles for you, and we tap in to our recruiter network prioritising your profile for early access to new roles.

Interview support and coaching for roles

We boost your interview confidence with mock sessions and research, plus advise on rate negotiations to enhance your earning potential.


Win dream role and on-board confidently

Boomūüí•- You've secured a lucrative Data Freelance position! Our team will be there to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

Money in the bank and the DFH fee

Only after you've been paid (‚Čą ¬£10,000+), does the DFH fee kick in. Our success-based model means we only win when you do.


Primed and ready for your next role

As you're project ramps down, we proactively search for your next contract to minimise downtime and maximise earnings.

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What do other Data Freelancers think?

Hear what these Data Freelancers had to say about the Role Scout program and how the no-win, no-fee program helped them develop their offering and land a role.

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Who should apply for Role Scout? 

If the following strikes a chord, we're keen to connect. Even if you don't tick every box, we encourage you to apply ‚ÄĒ we assess each application on its individual merits.

Legal right to work in the UK or USA
Our resources are tailored for these International markets; you should have the legal right and willingness to work in at least one, remotely or on-site if required.
At least four years experience in data
Whether a permanent employee or freelancer, you should have over four years of data experience and be confident in your data skills and stakeholder engagement.
Available now or within 6 weeks
Freelance roles fill fast, often immediately after posting. Be ready to start soon, ideally within six weeks, implying your current notice period is underway.
Legal structure and insurance sorted
Ensure your legal setup and insurance are ready for roles we secure, as turnarounds can be quick. We're here to help you prepare if needed, and can recommend partners.
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What are your options for winning work?

When it comes to winning work, you have options. Let's see how these alternatives stack up against the 'Role Scout' program, so you can determine the best fit for your needs.

Upwork & Similar FREELANCE Platforms

Known online platforms for finding different types of freelance opportunities.


Lots of roles to apply for, unique to the platform

Trusted systems and processes, good reputation

Mainly remote roles with a global client base

Have to find and win roles yourself, highly competitive

Race to the bottom on rates, terms and output

Fee to apply for role & on-going fee of 10% revenue

No coaching, mentoring, or personal 1 on 1 support

Takes time to build a quality reputation to win roles

Data FreelANCE HUB

1 on 1 support from the DFH to help you win a high paying Data Freelance Role, no-win, no-fee.


Endless supply of roles, tapping multiple sources

Only work with reputable companies and partners

A mix of remote, hybrid and on-site roles, all industries

DFH helps you find roles and beat the competition

Only high-paying roles working to your terms

No-win, no-fee, with competitive on-going % fee

1 on 1 support at every step, tailored to you

Win roles from day one, leverage DFH reputation

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Create your own sales tools, find and apply for roles yourself, & build your own network.


Can apply for any role, from any platform or contact

Have to assess reputation of potential clients yourself

Can apply for any role that meets your location terms

Have to find and win roles yourself, highly competitive

Might undersell your expertise for low price

No fee if role won through your contacts or recruiter

No support, you have to work it out on your own

Need to develop your own reputation and positioning

What's the investment for Role Scout?

Here's a worked example for a UK-based Data Freelancer, where DFH helps them win a contract for £600 a day + VAT, outside of IR35, for a 6-month contract. Remember this is a no-win, no-fee arrangement, making this a risk-free opportunity.

Days Worked
Day Rate (£)
Your Revenue (£)
DFH Fee (%)
DFH Fee (£)
Rate (£)
Your Revenue
Fee (%)
Fee (£)
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6

The DFH fee is tiered - 10% in months one and two, and 5% in all following months. All figures shown are exclusive of VAT. The fee is only payable once you've been paid.

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Still have questions about the program?

See if we've covered it in our FAQs.
Not covered here? Drop us a message using the details on our contact page.

Do you guarantee that I'll win a role?

We aim to secure roles for all Data Freelancers we partner with, but cannot guarantee this at present. Hence, we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. We are dedicated to assisting you in finding a well-paid role, ensuring there are no charges for you unless we are successful.

How long does it typically take to win a role?

When working with each candidate, our goal is to secure them a role within a few weeks. However, many factors, some beyond our control, can influence this timeline. A broad skillset and extensive experience can expand the range of suitable opportunities, potentially shortening the time to find a role. Additionally, market conditions play a significant role in the availability of positions, affecting the speed at which we can successfully place you. Rest assured, we're on it, and if you win a project by yourself in the meantime, remember there's no fee.

What happens if I find a role by myself in this time period?

You pay absolutely nothing. Our success is tied to yours - we only benefit if we assist you in securing a role. If you find a role through your own network or contacts without DFH's involvement, you owe us nothing. All the support we provide, including building your sales tools and coaching, is complimentary. Our service is dedicated to helping you land a role. If we don't play a part in your success, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that.

I'm a recruiter, looking for quality Data Freelancers how can I contact you?

If you're looking to hire highly skilled data freelancers, with 0% fees, no charges or additional contracts to sign, and you want to work directly with the freelancer, then checkout the find freelancer page to learn more, and submit your request. There's no fee for our service, and your under no obligations to take anyone on.

How much support do you provide with project delivery?

Project delivery falls squarely within your expertise as a skilled Data Freelancer, and it's your responsibility to ensure successful completion. While we're always available to provide your thoughts on contract-related matters such as extensions, renegotiating rates, or new project scopes, the actual delivery of the agreed work and handling any associated data issues are in your capable hands.

What happens if my role gets extended?

If your role is extended beyond the initial term, our agreement extends as well. This ensures our interests remain aligned, as we aim to find you projects with a high likelihood of extension, should you desire it. Any extension beyond two months will continue with the same 5% fee.

I want to apply, will you accept me?

To increase your chances of being accepted, please carefully review the above requirements and strive to meet as many as possible. When applying, provide detailed information about your current situation, as this will assist us in assessing our ability to help you effectively.

What happens if I am unsuccessful in my application, can you still help me?

At the Data Freelance Hub, we've developed a wealth of resources to assist you on your journey. These include a free community, guides & tools, events, a curated job board, and exclusive training. There are numerous ways DFH can support you, even if we're not currently able to assist with Role Scout. With your permission, we can keep your details on record and present them to our network for suitable opportunities that arise, even if we're not actively engaged at the moment.

What happens if the role is won through a platform like Upwork that already has a fee?

If the role we help you secure already has a fee, the Data Freelance Hub's fee will be calculated on the net amount after the other fee is deducted. We aim to negotiate higher rates for roles with existing fees to ensure your net earnings remain consistent. Additionally, we will cover costs associated with applying for roles where necessary, such as connect fees on platforms like Upwork once your connects are depleted. For instance, if you win a role on Upwork paying $100 per hour, Upwork's 10% cut reduces it to $90. After applying DFH's fee, it becomes $81 per hour. We would attempt to bid at $111 per hour to offset the Upwork fee. DFH would also absorb the cost of connects used in applying for that role.

What happens if my role is Inside of IR35 (UK Freelancers)?

First and foremost, we will only apply for roles that match your interests. For instance, if you prefer not to work on roles Inside of IR35, we won't apply for them. In cases where the role is Inside of IR35, our initial step is to negotiate a higher rate to offset the tax difference. Regarding the DFH fee, it will be calculated on the post-tax value (the amount you receive) rather than the pre-tax amount, as is typical for roles Outside of IR35. This approach ensures that the percentage fee stays consistent and isn't artificially inflated compared to the actual value you receive.

How much will it cost me if you help me win a role and when will I pay you?

The DFH fee structure, as exemplified above, operates on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means a fee is only applicable if we have successfully assisted you in securing the role. Once DFH has played a role in your success, a fee of 10% of the revenue earned in both the first and second months will be applied, which then reduces to 5% for all subsequent months. Detailed information regarding this fee structure will be included in the contract that we'll sign together at the beginning of our engagement.

Is there anyway you can help me for a fixed fee rather than an on-going percentage?

The 'Role Scout' program at Data Freelance Hub operates on a no-win, no-fee arrangement. We are compensated by taking a small, ongoing percentage of the revenue generated when we successfully assist you in securing a role. Additionally, for those interested in a more structured approach, we offer 1-to-1 mentorship through the Data Freelance Hub on a fixed-fee basis. This service requires advance payment and provides targeted support in all aspects of being a Data Freelancer. While it doesn't guarantee a role win, it does offer personalised guidance on developing your sales tools and other key skills as needed.

How much work will I need to do myself to find and apply for roles?

You're absolutely free to continue searching for roles on your own. However, when it comes to roles identified by DFH, we can sometimes apply on your behalf. In cases where we cannot do this directly, we will provide you with detailed instructions, including the message to be sent and the recipient's details. For instance, since we won't have access to your LinkedIn account, if a role requires messaging a recruiter or contact, we will identify them and draft the message, but you'll need to send it yourself. Similarly, you are responsible for attending interviews and directly liaising with recruiters and potential clients. Rest assured, DFH will be there to support you with interview preparation and any other sales-related messaging.

How does this differ to working with a recruiter directly? Or platforms like Upwork?

You're likely familiar with the process: finding roles, applying for them, creating your own sales tools, and communicating directly with recruiters. However, if you're here, it's probably because this approach hasn't been as effective as you'd hoped. The 'Role Scout' program is designed to streamline these efforts and leverage proven processes to increase your chances of securing the roles you apply for. We utilise our network of recruiters and provide support in developing effective sales tools, enhancing your attractiveness to recruiters or clients on platforms like Upwork compared to other Data Freelancers. While managing these tasks on your own is cost-free, for many freelancers, it proves inefficient, leading to extended periods of downtime when you could be actively earning.

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