Win Work Faster, Get Paid Sooner. The Only Sales Tool a Data Freelancer Needs.

Save hours each day finding roles, relevant recruiters, and companies, and stand out from 100's of other applicants. Access a proven tool with everything you need to create a repeatable sales process for your business.

Stand Out From 100's of Other Freelancers

Built by an experienced data freelancer, using a proven system that helps you land roles quickly and build a steady client pipeline.

Setup Your Preferences

Customise your profile with enhanced filters that mine role descriptions for specifics like IR35 status, pay, location type, duration, and specific data skills. Tailor your job search to what truly matters to you.

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Discover the Perfect Role

Access a curated list of UK freelance data roles from across the web, refreshed daily. Save hours of scrolling through job boards by finding all relevant opportunities in one place, updated daily.

Track Your Progress

Add roles to a tracker to monitor the status of each application and visualise your opportunity pipeline. Quickly see contextual information for each role at a glance, and ditch the homemade excel doc.

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Get Step-by-Step Actions

Access a tailored action plan for each role to submit an application that stands out. Actions adapt to the role’s context and status, providing all necessary details and instructions for applying effectively.

Generate Messages

Instantly create role-specific, tailored messages for recruiters on LinkedIn, via email, and for follow-ups. Ensure a professional image without the hassle of writing custom messages. Adjust as needed.

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Connect with Recruiters

We spend hours daily finding the recruiter for every role, so you know exactly who to contact. Access a database of data freelance recruiters active in the last 14 days, with all necessary contact details provided.

Contact Companies

We associate every role with a company and spend time finding their details such as job board and contact information. You'll know exactly who to contact and where to put your CV to get noticed.

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Land Role > Delete App

Follow these steps to build your personal selling machine and secure your dream freelance data role. Once you’ve landed the job, delete the app until you’re ready for your next opportunity.

What do other Data Freelancers think?

Hear what these data freelancers have to say about working with the Data Freelance Hub and how it's helping them land their next role.

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Still have questions about the platform?

See if we've covered it in our FAQs.
Not covered here? Drop us a message using the details on our contact page.

Can I try out the Role Scout platform before signing up?

Absolutely! We offer a five-day free trial for you to explore all the tool's features. Set up your preferences, find your ideal role, get step-by-step application guidance, generate messages, and access our recruiter database—all for free. Not satisfied? Cancel within the trial period, and you won't be charged.

How much does the Role Scout platform cost?

The current monthly price is £64.99 + VAT to access all features, saving yourself hours each day searching and applying for roles for the price of less than one hour of your daily rate. As more people join the platform, we increase the price to manage numbers and ensure recruiters aren't inundated, giving you a competitive edge.

How does this differ to the Role Scout program?

The Role Scout program is a no-win, no-fee service designed to help data freelancers secure high-paying roles. It includes 1-on-1 coaching, CV and sales asset support, and role-finding assistance. This program is application-based. When we help you land a role, we take 10% of the monthly rate. Participants in the Role Scout program use the same platform tool you are accessing on this page. The difference is a flat monthly fee versus 10% of the day rate when you secure a role. You can learn more and apply for the Role Scout program by following this link.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime I want?

You can cancel your subscription anytime before the five-day free trial ends to avoid being charged. Once your subscription starts, you can cancel anytime before your billing period ends to avoid charges for the next month. However, no refunds are available if you cancel after your billing period begins. To cancel both during the free trial period and afterwards, drop us an email at

What countries do you support?

At the moment, our roles are focused on the UK market, and you will likely need the right to work in the UK to be considered, even for fully remote positions. While people from outside the UK are welcome to join, opportunities may be limited. In the next few months, we will add support for both US and EU-based roles.

Can I use the Role Scout platform on my phone and tablet?

Yes, you can! Principally designed for use on a laptop, the platform also works on both your phone and tablet. We've enabled a native web app, allowing you to download it from your browser to any iPhone, Android, or tablet device.

How long should I spend looking for roles each day?

As a data freelancer myself, I know how stressful it can be searching for roles all day. The Role Scout platform was designed to do the heavy lifting for you. We find roles from across the web and make great efforts to identify the associated recruiter and company. This will save you hours each day of searching and applying. We recommend logging in once a day around 11:00 am UK time to see the latest roles uploaded, take action, and then enjoy the rest of your day.

I have signed up to the Role Scout platform how do I log in?

Once you've signed up for the Role Scout platform, you will receive an email with details on how to log in and set up your profile. If you haven't received this email after 5 minutes, please check your spam folder. If you have already set up your profile and need to log in, you can follow this link.

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